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4/26/10 | NASA
Earth Day 2010 - Day 9 - 11

4/26/10 | NASA
Earth Day 2010 - Day 9 - 09

4/26/10 | NASA
Earth Day 2010 - Day 9 - 10


STEM Innovator Award

The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition and Monsanto team up to launch a statewide STEM educator recognition program called STEM Educator Innovator Award. This program seeks to acknowledge and honor innovation in the classroom by the best and the brightest K-12 Missouri science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teachers from around the state of Missouri.


Apollo 11 Commemorative Week -

This coming May the space race continues in St. Louis at the St. Louis Science Center with the 45th commemorative anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon. The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition is helping sponsor this event, which includes a full day of activities led by Gene Kranz, NASA Flight Director to the Apollo 11 Mission. 


Missouri STEM Summit -

The work continues 

The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition hosted the Missouri STEM Summit 2013 to bring together business, education, and community leaders to advance the agenda for innovation in Missouri's STEM education and policy development. More than 200 attended to advance the STEM dialogue. Click here for more information.  

Change the Equation releases report 

Business leaders in Missouri have sounded an alarm. They cannot find the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) talent they need to stay competitive. Student's lagging performance in school is why. To address this challenge, Missouri is raising the bar. The state has joined 44 others in adopting rigorous math standards for K-12 - Common Core State Standards - and it is working with other states to create robust tests aligned to those standards. A national STEM group, Change the Equation, has released a report to show where Missouri now stands. 




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